Ankeny, IA 50023

Industry: Equipment Operation Job Number: 49586 Pay Rate: $30.00 - $40.00

Open Cut Foreman / Equipment Operator

Compensation $30-40/hour
Solid Benefits
7: 00am - 5: 00pm
Permanent, long term and full time year around.

Physically capable and able
Must speak English Fluently
High School Graduate/Diploma
Heavy Equipment Operation
Management/Supervisory Skills
Planning, reporting, and organizational skills
Strong communication skills
5-7 years underground operations experience
Valid DL and insurable
Fluent English

We're looking for a skilled leader, job foreman, and capable operator for underground infrastructure work. (plumbing/trenching/pipe work)
We need a hands-on, working manager type, responsible for the overall success of assigned projects. Planning & assigning work, supervising crews, and ensuring safety. Responsible for ALL personnel, equipment and tools used on assigned jobs.
The job pays well, and the company takes darn good care of it's employees. If you review the information below, and feel you meet the qualifications and have the skills, contact us NOW. Send a resume and brief note to:
dsmjobs@worksourcestaff.Com / Then call us to set up an interview 515-225-4355

1.1 Responsible for safe, effective, at or below budget completion of projects
1.2 Supervisory - Verifies/monitors quality and productivity of workers
1.3 Ensures projects are completed in compliance with Code and customer requirements.
1.4 Coordinates with Superintendent.
1.5 Controls and maintains all equipment, supplies and tools on the job.
1.6 Follows and enforces company policies and procedures with an emphasis on SAFETY.
1.7 Completes all paperwork required of the Foreman, accurately and on time.

2.1 Reports directly to, and fully accountable to, the Superintendent.
2.2 Supervises, monitors performance of, and obtains reports from:
2.2.1 Pipe Layer
2.2.2 Operator
2.2.3 Top Man
2.2.4 Any additional labor on the job

3.1 Education: High School diploma.
3.2 Experience: 5-7 years underground operations. Understands OSHA standards for soil, trenching and safety standards. Experienced with deep trenching operations and equipment.
3.3 Experience: Supervisory Able to supervise, lead and manage a full crew
3.4 Skill: Blueprints - Read and understand prints & plans.
3.5 Skill: Timelines - Able to follow established schedules provided by the Superintendent.
3.6 Skill: Heavy Equipment - Use/operate and perform maintenance and repair on heavy equipment: sheet drivers, excavator, loaders, line hoe, dozer, welders, pumps and dump trucks.
3.7 Ability: Physical Requirements - Job requires moving about site locations littered with new and old construction material. REQUIRED to get into all areas of the project. This requires climbing ladders, steps, crawling over, and looking into confined spaces. All body senses of sight, speech (English), hearing, and smell are required. Must have a valid Iowa driver s license and be insurable by the company insurance carrier.

4.1 Harsh, and at times rough; dusty to very muddy, exposed to all types of weather. Rain, freezing, sleet or snow, high heat, humidity etc.
4.2 Hazardous, with safety a serious concern. All safety rules/regs strictly enforced.

6.1 Plans daily work, assigns work, and supervises effectively
6.2 Promotion of safety, quality and customer satisfaction
6.3 Maintaining a positive attitude and representing company positively and professionally to all employees, other trades and customers
6.4 Attends pre-job meeting and coordinates with the Superintendent, Estimator and Project Manager before the start-up of the job.
6.5 Guarantees that ALL activity is in compliance within the laws and statutes of the various governmental/regulatory agencies.
6.6 Stays current with new techniques, equipment and technologies
6.7 Accurate completion and monitoring of weekly time cards for worker crews
6.8 Responsible for keeping jobs in alignment with established schedule/deadline
6.9 Ensures adequate manpower/labor for the project. Notifies management of employees available to be assigned to another job.
6.10 Unload and check in deliveries from vendors. Includes signing/dating bill of lading, verifying BOL has correct qty delivered and in apparent good shape. Noting shortages or damage on BOL and have truck driver sign the BOL.
6.11 Properly check in vendor shipments. Date and sign packing slip. Verify and circle quantities and items received on packing slip. Note exceptions in quantity or items. Enter a brief description if only numbers are listed on packing slip.
6.12 Responsible to give the office the paperwork for material being shipped directly to the job site from the vendor.
6.13 Works closely with Superintendent or Project Manager assigned to the job to ensure that all materials and equipment are available on time from the shop or delivered to the job site from the vendor.
6.14 Coordinates materials or equipment needed from the shop.
6.15 Responsible for ordering needed materials and supplies.
6.16 Prepares for the job and has available at the job site, all required equipment, tools and manpower.
6.17 Coordinates job activities with other Foremen and subcontractors.
6.18 Stages materials properly for greater productivity.
6.19 Tracks job inventory.
6.20 Plans ahead daily to have the needed equipment, supplies, fuel, tools and manpower for the day the next day and the next week to prevent down time.
6.21 Plans fuel deliveries for all equipment, preventing unnecessary delivery charges for multiple trips that could have been combined.
6.22 Maintains necessary tools on the truck including torches, welder, pumps, etc.
6.23 Ensures IOWA ONE calls are done prior to starting work, all locates are done and utilities are exposed.
6.24 Completes soil analysis.
6.25 Digs trenches setting boxes and sheeting
6.26 Set up and use transit to shoot grade.
6.27 Sets up pipe laser on line and grade.
6.28 Operates equipment as necessary: excavator, dozer, loader, dump truck.
6.29 Has the ability to function and help out in all job categories.
6.30 Performs equipment maintenance and repair as applicable at the job site.
6.31 Minimize down-time and overtime as directed by the Superintendent.
6.32 Provide all employees with clear, concise information and make sure the individual receiving them understands the order.
6.33 Assign employees specific tasks and schedules.
6.34 Promotes the training and development of all employees, mainly the employees who want to become a Foreman.
6.35 Evaluates his crew for safety knowledge, skill level and ability.
6.36 Responsible for job site safety. 100% compliance of all the team wearing hard hats on the jobsite.
6.37 Conducts employee performance evaluations on all employees that report to this position once per year.
6.38 Conducts necessary disciplinary procedures.
6.39 Conducts weekly safety meeting with his crew.
6.40 Keeps accurate field records.
6.41 Follows Project Procedures policy
6.42 Responsible for completing and submitting daily and weekly reports including the signed time cards and foreman s packet being in the office by Monday at 12: 00, daily s filled out and faxed in every day by 12: 00 pm, Packing slips and BOLs turned in with foreman s packet.
6.43 Calls the Office for PO# for any purchase over $1, 000
6.44 Completes weekly plan and sends to the office every Thursday listing next week s needs including equipment, materials, subcontractors and special needs.
6.45 Calls informing the office of rental needs including what is being rented, estimated rental period and daily, weekly and monthly rental rates.
6.46 Inspects work of employees reporting to him. Must review on a daily basis all work completed for that day for quality workmanship.
6.47 After assigning work to the crew, performs hands on work and training with inexperienced help.
6.48 Attends safety classes as required.
6.49 Conducts weekly safety meetings with his crew.
6.50 Attends and actively participates in all meetings scheduled by Management, progress and compliance meetings.
6.51 Completes accident reports accurately the day of the accident.
6.52 Notifies Superintendent IMMEDIATELY when an OSHA inspector arrives at the job site. If Superintendent is not available notify the President.
6.53 Maintains Orange Book.
6.54 Completes Daily s properly each day.
6.55 Ensures that the work area is kept safe and maintained with good housekeeping practices as is practical and necessary.
6.56 Notifies Superintendent or Project Manager of problems along with suggested solution.
6.57 Responsible for inspection, maintenance and proper return for repair of all equipment and tools.
6.58 Responsible for the security and safekeeping of all company equipment, tools, boxes, vehicles, supplies and materials assigned to the project.
6.59 Cleans out truck daily, including removing trash in p.M. And washes his truck weekly. Keeps his truck and job trailer organized, neat and clean
6.60 Notifies Shop Manager in writing of needed equipment repairs, inspections, etc.
6.61 Reports all damage to the vehicles to the Shop Manager and Superintendent.
6.62 Responsible for return to the shop, in good condition, of all unused material and supplies.
6.63 Responsible for return to the shop, in good condition, of all company tools, and equipment when the tool or equipment is no longer needed or at the end of the job, whichever comes first.
6.64 Cooperates fully with the Shop Manager in shop returns. All returns made to the Shop Manager. Never drop off returns without properly communication to a shop employee.
6.65 Submits change orders for nay work not in the job specifications.
6.66 Discusses change Orders with Superintendent, Estimator or PM to obtain direction and hours budgeted.
6.67 Coordinates subcontractor schedules in a timely manner so as not to impact the overall project completion schedule.
6.68 Become thoroughly familiar with the prints and spec books and assure all work is being accomplished per these prints and specs. Responsible that work is done in compliance with the job contract.
6.69 Knows his production goals and strives to obtain them.
6.70 Identifies job difficulties and creates preventative measures.
6.71 Keeps the Superintendent or Project Manager informed in a timely manner of any deviation from the established schedule or cost estimates.
6.72 Keeps the Superintendent or Project Manager informed of any problem that may impact the scheduled completion, labor cost, or overall cost of the job.
6.73 Performs any other duty or task assigned by the Superintendent.

7.1 Has consistently planned his day, assigned work to his crew and been able to supervise their work and achieve high productivity.
7.2 Completing job projects at or below the estimated amount.
7.3 Completes jobs to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
7.4 Completing job projects on time or ahead of schedule.
7.5 Completing all job projects without being cited for violating any customer or governmental agency code or rule.
7.6 Job site compliance to all safety regulations.
7.7 Accident free jobs.
7.8 Ensures that all paperwork and reports are completed accurately and submitted on time.
7.9 Manages each project with a smooth flow of work from assignment to the completion of the project.
7.10 Conducts evaluations of employees that report to him annually.
7.11 No customer complaints, damage or rework required due to below standard work.
7.12 Maintains a high level of cooperation, communication and coordination with all other departments and employees in the company.
7.13 The degree of morale and motivation of his crews is maintained at a high level.
7.14 All business activities are conducted in an ethical manner.

Thanks for checking out the ad. If you have the skills, and the desire, comntact us NOW!

515-225-4355   or dsmjobs@worksourcestaff.Com  


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